Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do you change the wheel bearings?

I have a 2001 BMW 325i. I believe that we need to change the wheel bearing (passenger rear). You can check my other questions in case the diagnosis is incorrect...(help??)

Does anyone have any diagrams, instructions on how to change them?

Is it necessary to have them %26quot;pressed%26quot; on/off? (that would determine if I could do this at home or not.

Please help, this is my sons car and he is in the military and doesn't have time or cash to spend on it. So mom %26amp; dad are trying to help them out.

Any advice or websites will be appreciated.


stormphyreHow do you change the wheel bearings?
You described the sound as %26quot;something dropped and dragged? %26quot;. A wheel bearing would usually make a growling sound, gradually get worse, and have to be really bad to lock up the wheel- unusual.

Many BMWs with disc brakes in the rear had a separate parking brake which was a drum brake inside the brake disc. If it's rear discs, look for the parking brake cable. If the cable is attached to the brake caliper, never mind (I assume you've tried removing the caliper)

If the cable goes inside the backing plate behind the wheel, you might try removing the brake disc and look at the small drum brake behind it.

Replacing rear wheel bearings requires too many special tools and experience. I believe it'd be Independent rear suspension? You may be able to remove the swing arm and take it to the shop (save towing). Call ahead first - they may prefer to do it on the car.

Cars with solid axles, the rear axle and backing plate usually is held on by four bolts on end of axle. It varies- repair manual helpful for that kind of thing.How do you change the wheel bearings?
Take the advise of the above answer This is something that if you don't know what your doing you can cause more damage. Its a job that more trouble than it's worth I have done one {NO FUN}How do you change the wheel bearings?
The rear knuckle will have to come off, and be taken into a shop that can replace the bearing.

That is provided it is the outer bearing.

The problem is more likely the axle. CV joints fail more often then the bearings.How do you change the wheel bearings?

Yes a rear bearing is pressed on to the axle.. are you sure its a bearing.. I can't see a 8 year old BMW having that kind of problem. those usually last for years and years.. unless run with out oil..

good luck

timHow do you change the wheel bearings?
that,s a front wheel drive so if it,s got disc brakes on the back all you do is remove the caliper and rotor, take a torx bit and take out the bolts and the bearing will come off.How do you change the wheel bearings?
If you do not know how to do it do not do it yourself. Doing it wrong could cause a horrible accident. Save the money, there are shops on most bases that will give him a good deal.How do you change the wheel bearings?
The wheel bearings on the rear of your 2001 BMW 325i are pressed off and on.

You will need a hydraulic press for this operation.

It still is a DIY job. I suggest purchasing new wheel bearing(s) from (fill out the form on the right)

Once you get your new wheel bearing, you can take your old hub (with the old bearing) and the new bearing into a local repair shop. They will press out the old bearing and press in the new for much less than a complete job.

You can then take the hub with the new bearing and put it back into your BMW.

The rest is just wrench work.
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