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How can I increase the traction of my robot's wheels?

My school has a robot team that is new this year and our experience with robot wheels has been less than favorable. We originally had wheels that worked, but we had to make a change that rendered them too small. Now we need 5 inch wheels but it is impossible to find wheels that will work for us. Finding wheels that are 5 inches alone is nearly impossible let alone wheels with the right bore size and width. We came to the conclusion that we had to make our own, so that is exactly what we did. The only problem is that we made them out of hard plastic because we need to stay low on weight. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of what we can do to our wheels to increase their traction because they get very little and it causes our robot to slide around. We have tried electrical tape with not so phenomenal results and we had used a rubber-type dip on the old wheels that kind of worked. Any suggestions would be appreciated.How can I increase the traction of my robot%26039;s wheels?
You haven't which type of terrain you are using.

If its rocky terrain then do this:

Take wast plastic.

Fire it.

Put melt plastics drop on your wheel.

Make sure that it won't burn your wheel/

So it makes rough surface for your wheel.

I had done this in emergency case during competition.

It worked nice.

I think it shouldn't have any problem in sandy or other terrain.How can I increase the traction of my robot%26039;s wheels?
Ohhhhh, I got this one for you. You want traction. Spray on rubber, the kind they make spray on bed liners from for trucks.How can I increase the traction of my robot%26039;s wheels?
You can buy 5 inches rubber wheel using for heavy tool box. This wheel is installed with bearing and steel support plate where has four holes to hold the screw for tool box to move arround. The wheel can be easily turned 360 degree freely on any direction.

What is a good used car to buy, that is very sporty, and good looking? Good in Snow. Thanks. Any ideas?


I was wondering, what would be a good car to buy used, which is very sporty, looks good, and is also unique? Something that average people like me can buy, and enjoy driving on a day to day basis. I want something that gives me a sense of power like Porsche, but comes with a budget. So buying a used BMW or Mercedes or Porsche Boxster will be hard to maintain, and will be expensive on gas. I live in Canada, so cars here are more expensive than the United States. Also, the winters are long, so there is a lot of snow at times. That's why Honda S2000, and Mazda MX-5 are not my consideration now.

To be precise, I love the feeling when you change gear, and the car growls, and also accelerates fast. A car I would be proud to drive every time, and never gets boring. I would also love if it had a good interior, and not something that is plain, boring, or cluttered.

Here are some of my choices;

Honda Accord Coupe

Subaru Legacy

Mazda 3

Mazda 6

Mazda RX-8

Acura TL

Although the Honda Accord Coupe is not as sporty due to front wheel drive, it looks good, and is good on gas. I hear the Mazda RX-8 is very fun to drive, but only in curves, and not on straight roads. The Subaru Legacy is nice, but I don檛 know much about it. Any ideas about these or any other cars?

Right now, Mazda 3 and 6, and also Subaru Legacy are some of my choices. I think the Mazda can be bought new filled with features, without costing me a fortune. Something that comes with a good manual transmission, so it won't be a pain in the snow. It would be nice, if the car was easy to drive with good control, so cornering, and having some fun, won't be much of a risk, or make me look like a bad driver.

I am willing to sacrifice some speed, for a good interior, that feels good to be in. Kind of like the ones in BMW, Mercedes, Hyundai Azera. I apologize if I am asking way too much, or being picky. I am 19, so the world of automotive is a mystery to me, but also one full of wonders. I just want a car that looks and drives unique, can seat five comfortably, does not cost me (a beginner) a lot, and also has an edge that would make me happy to maintain and drive the car for years to come. Something, you would be proud to call your first car, and also hand wash with a smile on your face. How about you? What car brought a smile to your face, that you absolutely loved?

No idiotic, or stupid responses please. Thank you very much for bearing with me.What is a good used car to buy, that is very sporty, and good looking? Good in Snow. Thanks. Any ideas?
personally i'd get the mazda rx-8.

any car really will be good as long as you put on good winter tires. really, i live near toronto and i know, trust me.

use either michelin x-ice or bridgestone blizzak. never tried blizzak, but trust me, michelin x-ice tires are AMAZING!!!What is a good used car to buy, that is very sporty, and good looking? Good in Snow. Thanks. Any ideas?
Honda Civic SIWhat is a good used car to buy, that is very sporty, and good looking? Good in Snow. Thanks. Any ideas?
Mustang GT, they have traction control for the winter and you can get a real nice one with low miles for a decent price. I live in Michigan and I know people who drive them all year. Trust me, you will never get bored! A lot more fun than that Jap or Korean junk.

Take care.What is a good used car to buy, that is very sporty, and good looking? Good in Snow. Thanks. Any ideas?
You also should compare car insurance quotes for cars before buying one, for example here -

Replacing car battery?

This will sound like a really dumb question but please bear with me.

I am going to change my car battery, however, I bought the battery new from the store and it has a plasticcovering which I can't get off as well as a plastic handle over it. How the heck do I take these off so I can replace the car battery?

Also...I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring, meaning I can't access the battery from the hood. I have to take off my left front wheel and am I supposed to just rip the fasteners out? They are in there pretty tight.

Any help would be a million times appreciated, thanks a lot.Replacing car battery?
If the plastic cover is just a shrink wrap, use a knife or razor blade to carefully cut it open. If the handle is in the way you can cut that off also.

The wheel well cover is held on with plastic fasteners that you can carefully pry out. They make a tool for them, but you can also use two small screwdrivers to pull them off. Save the fasteners, because you will need to push them back on when you reinstall the cover.

Make sure that you have the car securely supported (not on the jack alone) before you start to work under the car.

The poster who says that you can access the battery from under the hood is obviously not aware of the location of the battery on that model vehicle.Replacing car battery?
First off you shouldn't have to replace your battery through your wheel well. Just open the hood and access it from there. The plastic covering on the battery is supposed to be there! Do Not Remove It!Replacing car battery?
Take it back to where you bought it and they should show you how to do it correctly.Replacing car battery?
well some do have handle bulit in but im thinking that what you got was just for carrying to car just cut them off and yes you kind of have to pop them out youknow id bet if you was to go and look on auto zone site you could find a repair picture or a how toReplacing car battery?
If the carry strap is in the way, cut ti off and pull the ends through. The plastic covers should pull right off, or have a zip strip to open them up. If not, cut them off with a razor knife. Be sure to clean your cables before you mount them on the battery. They sell post and terminal cleaners at any auto parts store. Clean your cables with baking soda and water mixes like a paste.

Teddy bear hamster?

Please answer...

1. What are the prices for the water bottle, a big food bag, teddy bear hamster, bedding,exercise ball and wheel.(seperate)

2. If you change the cage 1 a week will the hamster still smell?How long does it take to clean?

3. Is a teddy bear hamster the best one to get for an eleven year old girl?

Any other tips or things I should know about, please tell.Teddy bear hamster?
water bottle is like 5 bucks

food bag 7$

hamster 10 bucks

bedding the big ones are like 6$

ball 8-10$

wheel 4-10$

cage dont forget the cage ranges from 20$ and on

if you change the cage once a week the hamster wont smell bad just the cage

a teddy bear hamster is recommended for beginners since they are more tolerant and bite less than dwarf hamstersTeddy bear hamster?
I don't know what the prices are for the stuff separately because I got mines all together in one big box at Pj's Pet Store. A teddy bear hamster cost about $10.00.

Yes, the hamster will still smell but you could get a shampoo thing for hamsters because hamsters don't like to bathe so get a spray shampoo thing and that will make your hamster smell good

If this is your first hamster I suggest you get a regular hamster but if you can handle a squirming little hamster and comb in 3 times a week go for it! You have to comb it like 3 times a week because their fur gets really, really long so you have to comb it. You don't have to but it just gets all messy so I would comb it. But if this is gonna be like your 4th hamster then it's ok. Same with a dwarf hamster, it should be your 4th before you get it.Teddy bear hamster?
i would go with dwarf hamsters. personall expeirence. teddy bear hamsters are big. and they smell even when you clean the cage. dwarf hamster smell less for some reason, and are smaller and cuter. and they dont cost as much moneyTeddy bear hamster?
1) look at for all prices on things, it depends what size item you are buying, so something like food could range from $5-30

2) yes it does smell, but if you constantly change it every week then it won't smell nearly as bad, not enough to stink up a house, and it usually takes about 5-20 minutes to clean the cage, depending on the model of cage you have, and how througho you are, to take away smells you could use a mild soap to wash it, but this obviously will take longer to clean the cage

3) if you are getting a hamster for an 11 year old, a teddy bear isn't bad, but i think that for a first hamster that syrain is the best, they don't tend to bite as much, but teddy bear hamsters don't bite that much either, i would NOT recommend a dwarf hamster, they bite more and run A LOT faster than a full sized hamster, they seem cute, but they are harder to take care of, espcially if you have an 11 year old who may be impatient

some tips:

~NEVER buy cedar chips, this can be harmful to the hamster

~hamsters need something to nest in, so you will nee to buy bedding and fluff, DO NOT make fluff with something liek toliet paper or tissue paper, if your hamster eats this, it gets stuck in their mouths and they die!

~their teeth are constantly growing, give them something to gnaw on, wood blocks are available at pet stores

~they like to be held, but wash your hands before you hold them, because if you hands smell like food, they may think its food, so they might take a bite at you by accident

~wire cages are well ventalated, but they usually are harder to clean, they come with a water bottle, food dish, and a wheel, but the water bottle that comes with it usually leaks, and the wheel tends to be noisy, tanks are a little small, but they are easier to clean, they smell a little worse because not as much air flow is going in, so washing them becomes a regular chore along with cleaning the cae, you also have to buy your own water bottle and wheel and food dish

~they like to run about, so buy a hamster ball! the first couple of times they won't know what they are doing, so they may not be seeming to enjoy themselves, they get used to it after about 5 times, let them in the ball for about 30 minutes, then return them to cage, they will be hungry or thirsty!

~the first couple of days you have the hamster, let him/her get used to their new surroundings, i know that your daughter will want to handle the hamster, but try to get her not to for about 2-3 days, the hamster will be scared of the new enviroment, so fi you try to pick it up it will probably bite

~the first couple of times you hold it, don't hold it for more than 10 minutes, it takes some time to get used to your smell, it needs a little time to trust you

~they are nocturnal animals! be prepared to sometimes stay up at night because of the loud wheel or chewing on the wired cage (if you choose to get that particular cage, which i recommend by the way) its best to put them in a closet with the door not shut all the way or outside of a room at night

(if i think of any more tips ill add on)

overall they are great pets, espcially for kids who are learning responsiblity!Teddy bear hamster?
1.Well , actually the prices range ...

2 . I change my hamsters cage about 2-3weeks ... %26amp;%26amp; She smells alot better .. But,changing it a week is to much and that is more money you have to spend on ur hamster/s for no reason .

3.Yes,I had a teddybear hamster when I was eleven and I took good care of it .. I don't know how your daughter/sis/whoever she is acts .. but if she is responsible then I'd say GO FOR IT their great pets =)Teddy bear hamster?
smaller hamster r betterTeddy bear hamster?
1. All of the all about 29.99 for a cage, water bottle, wheel, and food bowl together. Big food bag 12.05 + tax don't buy the one with seed it make the hamster lazy and fat. Bedding (40 liter)18.87 +tax. and teddy hamster 10.00, exercise ball 7.99. Happiness( priceless).

2. now change once a week is okay, and if you afraid the hamster would smell buy a sand bath, (( not dust bath)).

3. yes, i use to have a teddy bear hamster, but it escape and die 脰, now i got a dwaft hamster and it so cute and noisy

4. Buy yogies for treat and a give here some thing that hamster like, like banna, carrot, but don't give her cirtus fruit.

Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?

Jimmy Johnson broke an axle at Daytona in the middle of turns 3 and 4. Dale Jr broke an axle on track, not in the pits like the idiots on TV said, in the middle of turns 1 and 2. Also, Mark Martin's team found out that for some reason his car was %26quot;chewing%26quot; up the axle or drive plate on his car. Whether its the axle itself, drive plate or hub or whatever, it seems to be a problem for this team right now. Chad Knaus said at Daytona the wheel bearing over heated causing to much friction which resulted in the axle breaking. Dale Jr and JJ both broke on the left rear and it was the same exact part that broke on each car and the same problem Mark Martin had during practice at Fontana. Martin's team caught the problem before the race and changed it, but Dale Jr's either didn't wear during practice and started during the race. Or they didn't catch. Either way it seems to be an issue right now for Hendrick drivers. Do you know what would cause this to happen and how can they fix it? Dale Jr had a decent run going, not great but not horrible. It seemed like they just helped his car to drive better on the last stop before this happened. Hendrick needs to do something about these parts or how they are assembled or something and I'm sure he will, but it needs to happen fast or its going to get worse.Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
Yea it needs to be fixed before Atlanta because the way the article was describing is Atlanta is tough on axles too. I'm sure this will not go too far with Rick. He's pretty good about getting to the root of the problem when it comes down to defective parts (remember the valve springs from last year).Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
Yes HMS knows they have a problem. After the final practice in Fontana, all 4 teams changed out their axles. JJ was actually extremely lucky he won that race as they discovered in post race inspection that his were close to failing. You can bet that they will be working very dilligently to fix the problem.Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
There is a problem for sure. I would bet engineering and the machine shop are

double and triple checking everything like mad scientists. HMS has the resources

and will find the problem quickly. It would be very interesting to know what they

find but bet that is not in the cards.Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
Maybe Hendrick Motorsports is testing equipment.

Hendrick Motorsports has no problems winning races and championshipsDoes Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
I didn't know JJ's problem last week was an axle. If that's the case, HMS better get to workDoes Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
Dale Jr. had a decent run going?

Sometimes I wonder what race some of you others are watching when your driver is not performing like you would like.Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
I hope so. Well Jr.'s whole team has an issue. I mean come on, you HAVE to have a spare axle at Fontana. That's just ridiculous.Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
Well at Fontana Jeff's engine was terribleDoes Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
Jeff Gordon Will Need A New Crew Chief.Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
HMS has won the last 4 championships. I hope HMS does indeed have a problem. Mabye the races will actually have a surprising winner. You won't hear any complaints from me if HMS is having some kind of problem. It's sad that HMS has a problem that needs fixed, and a HMS car won at California this past Sunday.

I don't know what you mean by a decent run going. He was running in the 20's most of the race. Open your eyes. A decent run means running at least in the top 10. You are making Dale Jr sound worse than he really is, when you start considering running in the 20's is an improvement. Dale Jr wouldn't have so many haters if JR nation actually talked and made some sense for a change.Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
Are we sure that the problem is not originating with Hendrick teams to start with? I heard them say last year that Dale was having problems with his rear due to having bent it too much in an attempt to corner better. And they could be running too low or too thin a rear end dope in the search for speed causing lack of lubrication on the inside bearing. There is just so much that you can do in the search for a teeny bit more speed and no other team is having any such problem.Does Hendrick Motorsports have a problem that needs fixed?
Yes, Get rid of the 88 car, and bring back Schrader in the 25
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  • 1986 Chevette - Good car?

    I want to buy an 86 Chevette. It's got 98,000 clicks on it, and it's from the second owner. The two problems are that it needs a wheel bearing replaced, and a possible leak from the radiator. It's aircared and is a daily driver with regular oil changes.

    how much would it be to fix these problems? Does this sound like a good buy? Any help would be appreciated.1986 Chevette - Good car?
    why 1986 corvette get a top class 2008 bmw or benz1986 Chevette - Good car?
    I owned a Chevette (NOT a CORVETTE) when I was kid. I would NOT suggest it. You can get much better car (like an old Civic) that pays for itself in better gas mileage, longer ownership.

    Chevette was poorly designed car with very little engine power, bad gas mileage (good for those days, but bad for today), and things broke often.

    Good Luck...

    === UPDATE ===

    I drove the car for 60K miles (4 years). I spent much of my college years fixing that car. One of the reasons why I know so much about fixing cars is because I spent so much time fixing (that) car. Beside the normal stuff braking, stupid things used to break - like the door hinges.1986 Chevette - Good car?
    yeah, they are not the greatest car, but i drove one from san mateo to rancho cordova with a rounded cam, destroyed rocker arms, and misplaced tappets, and still managed to get home. it was a loud 125 mile trip but i made it. that car is not worth all of the work that you will put into it, unless you are only going after the fuel economy, which it still might not be worth the effort. but the wheel bearing and radiator can not be that expensive.1986 Chevette - Good car?
    you didn't sate price of car.....if its cheap buy it...i used chevettes for years as pizza delivery cars ...they were no more trouble than any other type of car we used...the rear brake set up with the cams were a bad design but other than that they ran value 500 to 1000 dollars on today's market would be a fair price and it would have to be in excellent shape to be worth a 1000...wheel bearing front if no complications arise 100 to 125 the rad.with labor and fluid 200.to250........this car may be hard to find parts be aware of that if u buy one1986 Chevette - Good car?
    If you can get it for $250 buy it. They weren't the greatest cars. I guess they were ok for that vintage.

    Rubbing-like noise on 2005 Ford Escape?

    My car's making a noise that sounds similar to something rubbing on one of the tires (but it's not).. Sound changes based solely on speed I'm travelling.... In addition, I have noticed the sound getting louder when driving on a left curve fast enough that the car's weight shifts to the right....

    Based on another question I found, and an educated guess, I'm guessing it's a wheel bearing on one of the right side wheels... Would this be accurate?

    How urgent would this problem be to fix? Would highway travel be safe with this problem not yet fixed?

    ThanksRubbing-like noise on 2005 Ford Escape?
    I say it could be a wheel bearing and you could tell by having that end of the vehicle off the ground jacked up onto stands etc, rotate the wheel and see how it spins and listen to it and compare it to the opposite wheel.Or go get a free front end and brake check done and they should be trying each wheel by spinning them and should tell you if the bearing is going.

    Not sure if need to panic about it but it's best to get it replaced if it's going.

    If the truck is under warranty still take it in asap.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.Rubbing-like noise on 2005 Ford Escape?
    If it sounds like a rough growling noise, then it is the wheel bearing. To test that, use a jack to raise the vehicle clightly and just spin the wheel. If it's like a growling noise, it's most likely the wheel bearing in which they will need to be replaced.