Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2002 cavalier wheel bearing?

how do you determin which wheel bearing is making noise? when turning to the right the car is quite, when turning left i get alot of bearing noise, i would hate to change the wrong one.2002 cavalier wheel bearing?
jack it up and shake the wheel. if it is bad it should shake.2002 cavalier wheel bearing?
The only absolute test is to check both sides while the wheels are turning using a mechanics stethoscope.

I have found that 85-90% of the time it will be the bearing on the same side to which you are turning when the noise is loudest, on Front wheel drive cars with integrated double roller bearings which are the most common type. Also note that if you a planning on changing the bearing yourself, know that they are press fit bearings in most applications which means that you will need a press to remove the old and install the new bearing.

2002 cavalier wheel bearing?
Hi, Get the car on Stands make sure it is SAFE lift the car about an Inch off the stands spin the wheel it should sound quiet and smooth, if it sounds rough on the turn that wheel is your problem.It sounds as if it is the N/S Bearing.2002 cavalier wheel bearing?
jack the front up and put the car in neutral and spin each tire and you should be able to tell which one is bad.2002 cavalier wheel bearing?
Well..check it yourself or get a mechanic to check, it won't take that long.